Our Management

Dharminder Dewan
(CEO, Founder, nurtureKids)
A software engineer by profession, and an entrepreneur. Mr. Dewan owns couple of companies in California and in India. His heart lies with kids and is passionate about new programs in education industry. He holds a masters degree in Computer applications and has credentials of being a teacher. He is actively involved with various political and non-profit organizations. He has conducted many community services and has organized various events for children for many non-profit organizations.
Shalini Dewan (Shalu)
(Chief Scholar Officer (CSO) and Program Director)
Ms. Dewan holds a Master's degree in Pharmacy and is an entrepreneur operating various companies in California. She has over 15+ years experience working with children in various fields. She has conducted many speech and debate workshops and developed a skill of 'speaking right' in lot of children. Actively involved in elementary school activities and has organized various fun and sports events for kids in the community at both, small and large scale. She works for various charitable organizations and helps raise funds to get education to unprivileged kids.
Shashi Relan
(Director, Fremont Preschool)
Ms. Relan has abundance of experience and has worked with children for past 30 years. She brings with her diverse knowledge of managing children as small as 2 years old. She has set up diversified and multicultural programs for all ages. She has worked with all sorts of non-profit and for profit companies and has built many programs for preschoolers.
Madhu Shahani
(VP Operations)
Ms. Shahani brings with her a vast experience of working in administrative area and working as a teacher. She has 10+ years of experience working with children of all ages and coaches Hindi language. She is CPR certified and has a passion to work with kids.
(Director, Pleasanton Branch)
Ms. Lavanya holds a Masters degree in Science and is very passionate about sharing her love for math and science with the kids. She has several years of experience tutoring and volunteering in local elementary schools and thoroughly enjoys working and interacting with children. Creating an engaging and positive environment for the kids where they can not only grow academically, but also as wholesome individuals is her top priority. At Nurture Kids Pleasanton, her main goal is to provide a well-balanced accelerated learning program that is not all just work, but also fun!!
Anu Malhotra
(Director, Warm Springs, Fremont)
Ms. Malhotra is very caring and passionate about educating kids and has been an educator for the past 10 years. She has the credentials of being a teacher and holds a Bachelor's degree in Science and Child Development. She is actively involved with the organizing school events and classes. Worked in Pre-school in Boston, M.A. and volunteered in elementary schools in Bay area. She likes to create a right environment where kids can be nurtured with love and have human values thus building a good character socially, morally and academically. She is involved in the betterment of the community by giving right education.
Jyothi Deepak
(Office Manager, Fremont Hub Branch)
Ms Jyothi holds a Bachelors degree in Science and is passionate about educating kids. She has been teaching art and science for past few years and has always created a friendly environment where kids can learn with ease and can be nurtured with care and concern. She portrays and reflects a perfect balance of brain by imparting academics (Science) and enrichment (Art).
Rakesh Kapoor
(General Manager)
Rakesh Kapoor was a co-Founder of a school in India, "Dew Drops". He along with his wife (Late) Ms. Neeloo Kapoor managed the running of the school. He brings with him an experience of 15 years of managing educational Institute. His expertise is in Math and theater. He had a much diversified career, as being a banker and in the field of acting, writing and directing plays. He has also established himself in the field of photography and videography.


The Team of Nurture Kids which comprises of its Directors and all Staff Members believes in giving love & care and respect to the students. We believe that although the curriculum is such a necessary raw material for the school, but warmth is an equally vital element. Warmth is much needed for the growth of the soul of a child and that’s what we nurture.

Our staff is regularly trained with all the latest in education and variety of activities which helps them bring the best to the students. All the directors of the NURTUREKIDS share the dream of spreading the education through love and care and providing a one-stop-shop for the varied learning needs of children.